Website Maintenance

Why does a Website need regular Maintenance?


There are many different reasons why a website needs to be re-designed

It’s very important that your website is regularly maintained and the plugins and themes kept up to date. Websites need to be regularly updated, backed up and maintained.

Websites can be hacked, they can get ransomware, and have malicious coding injected into the website when the plugins and themes are not kept up to date. These things can cause damage to a website, your website’s Google rankings and they may even gain access to your payment gateways such as your PayPal and Square accounts.

If your website is hacked or infected with Malware/Ransomware, then your website will go offline. These problems can be difficult to remove and it can take many hours of work to get the site ‘Live’ again.

If you have a Website Maintenance Plan in place I will regularly update your website keeping it safe and secure so that you don’t need to worry about your website.

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My Website Maintenance Plans Include

  • Daily Monitoring the Security of the Website, if there is an issue I am alerted and I will fix the issue
  • Updating of the Plugins & Programs in the workings of the WordPress website
  • Site Maintenance – such as when Google makes changes and websites need to keep update to the new Google Guidelines
  • Daily Backups of the website which are stored remotely
  • I send an Email via your Website Contact form – to make sure everything is working
  • A Monthly Website Performance Report will be emailed to you


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