Website Design

I use WordPress to build my Websites

Custom Design

I take the time to listen to your needs and then create an engaging web design that represents your brand in a clear and fresh way.


I Hear your Needs

I listen to your needs and work with you to create a site that will show the personality of your organisation and present the overall feel of who you are and what you represent in the design of your website.

I get to know You

Where possible, I like the opportunity to visit your premises, meet your staff and gain an appreciation for what you do and who you are as a business.

Responsive Design

The Websites that I design will adapt to the device they are viewed on, ensuring your customers can enjoy your site on their phone, tablet, desktop or even their TV.


This is My Website Design Process

  • Listen to your needs – I will arrange an in-person or online meeting, where I will listen and discuss with you what you need in a website.
  • Design Ideas – I will ask you for a list of websites that you like the look of, for design ideas and so that I get an understanding of what you like.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis – I work with you to find the best keyword combinations for your business, balancing volume, value and relevance so we target your website for the right visitors or customers.
  • Competitor Research & Analysis – I research your main competitors to give me valuable insights into your marketplace and help me find the keywords that are going to give you the best return on your investment.
  • Content Written by an Australian Copywriter – I can help you with the content. I will need the topics and areas to cover in the website. I will gather the information together for you to look over and edit. I can then send it to a professional Copywriter to re-write the content, so it is unique to your website.
  • WordPress Installation & Design
    • WordPress and standard theme template installation
    • Configure site with colors, logos and header graphics provided
    • The design includes a special offer statement or a call to action statement on all pages
    • The phone number on every page, coded to allow direct calling to you from mobile phones
    • Set up menus, categories and maps
    • Set up relevant widgets and plugins for functionality, security and SEO purposes
    • Installation and setup of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to track visitors and website statistics
  • Pages & Content
    • 5 Compliance pages Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
    • 7-23 Service Pages – Showing all the different services you do, depending on your needs
    • Gallery Pages, depending on your needs
    • Testimonial Page, depending on your needs
    • Frequently Asked Question Page FAQ’s, depending on your needs
    • Stock Images or your Photographers Images
    • Links from existing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, LinkedIn or YouTube accounts if requested
  • Security
    • Security plugin installed to warn of security breaches and help protect against hacking and security issues
    • Anti-spam plugin installed and configured
  • On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    • WordPress General Settings configured for maximum SEO benefit
    • Home page, compliance pages and articles configured to include relevant keywords and SEO structure
    • Meta title, keywords and description set up with relevant keywords and content
    • SEO plugins installed & configured
    • Media library set up and images tagged with relevant keywords
    • Sitemap Creation and submission to Google via Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics Installation
    • Links to your Google Business listing
  • Website Design Review – I will send you a link to review the website. This is the exciting part! I love hearing and seeing my client’s excited and happy reactions to the website design. You will then have a couple of days to review the website and get back to me with any changes you require.
  • Final Review – I will give you a final look at the website. Once you are happy with everything, then I can make the website live. This is where I will remove the old website and get the new design live and working!

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